Cupcakes and Sunshine: Friday Favorites {9/26}

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Favorites {9/26}

Happppy Friday!

I can't believe Friday is already here. It's been a busy week of meetings and travels, but a good one at that! I'm ready for the weekend, but first...a few of my weekly favorites:

1. If you follow me on Instagram (<---) then you already know that I may have stopped by Trader Joe's and picked up a few of my favorite pumpkin-flavored things. My good friend Kelsie sent me a text and said she was wanting to buy all things pumpkin. (hello pumpkin Oreos!) I sent her one right back with a picture of these in my hand!

 2. THESE PANTS from Target. Quite possibly the most comfortable pants I've ever purchased. I wore them with a black tank, cardigan, and flats.

 3. FALL CANDLES: I'm obsessed. And I'm burning through the two I picked up this week waaaayy too quickly. SOS I need to get my hands on more of these!

4. And this video is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen! Adorable, just adorable: 
5.  Bread and Wine: this book is wonderful! and THE perfect fall read. It has been so great for my Jesus-loving, food-craving soul. (and OH! Check out my new quilt...I needed some change, and it had to make it to my Friday favorites list as well!) 

6. My Mini Apple Pie Caramel Apples recipe. I'm SO excited it is finally caramel apple season! I've been waiting all year to bring these back into rotation. 

and that's all for my Friday favorites today, I hope you have a fantastic Friday! 


  1. yes yes yes to the pumpkin treats + candles + mini caramel apples :)


  2. My town just got a Trader Joe's! We had a blast walking around it a few days ago. I'd been in one before, but it's cool that we now have one! I love everything about your "about me" blurb. We have a lot in common. :) And, I'm adding that book to my reading list. I hope your weekend is wonderful!

  3. I adore your new quilt!! LOVE IT! XOXOX



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