Cupcakes and Sunshine: Our first Garden!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our first Garden!

Happy Wednesday friends!

My sweet Grandma Anne and Great Aunt Sandra came in a few days ago to assist me in moving some furniture, setting up a new desk area from Ikea and to meet my roommates. (we have officially nominated Grandma Anne as our house grandmother). And we have been completely spoiled by her house-grandma duties!

Not only did she bring us cookies, take us out to lunch at Zoe's Kitchen, and install and move my furniture, but she helped us plant our first garden! Due to the fact that most of us have black thumbs, this is a big deal y'all. And "water flowers" has been added to our daily chore rotation so we can't neglect them. Also, we now have a basil plant for all of our future Italian-cooking pasta parties.

Speaking of Italian, this past weekend we had our first roommate house dinner of the new year...

(Mary Cate's aunt brought us spaghetti and meatballs! hooray!)

and of course, Brinkley had to be included in our pictures too.

Love these girls and LOVING this year. Hope you have a happy humpday!

PS. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If you happen to go to Mellow Mushroom today, all cheese pizzas are $2.50 and Cokes are $.30 cents. Yes, you are welcome.


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