Cupcakes and Sunshine: First Kickboxing Class!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Kickboxing Class!

As you know, we just planted our first garden a few days ago and tonight, we took our first KICKBOXING class. It's been a great week of firsts.

I loved it!

At first I was a bit nervous. I mean...kickboxing is a rough sort of sport, ya know? But since it is free class week at our gym, I decided to give it go! Plus all of my roommates were the positive peer pressure played into it a bit too.

It was a GREAT workout. I really had not sweat so much since competitive cheer in highschool. And the best part was, you didn't even FEEL like it was a workout! It was just fun. The cool hiphop/dubstep music, the red gloves that made you feel like a total rockstar, and wonderful roommates laughing with you the whole time.

Now we're watching So You Think You can Dance and then catching up on Big Brother episodes. I hope your humpday has been awesome!


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