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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Do as the French Do...

This past week I started a fabulous read called French Woman Don't Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano. As of recently, I have been obsessed with all things French related. I even purchased two French journals embellished with Eiffel Tower images and French quotes. Maybe it is the lazy days of summer that have given me the time to start dreaming of travel adventures... or the fact that I love these lazy days so much that I am feeling the need to visit a country where rushing and busyness are looked down upon. Either way, I am wanderlusting for a trip to France ASAP.

In this book, Guiliano describes her life growing up in France, memories she shared with her family, and of course...French food. Although not really a "diet" book, French Woman Don't Get Fat does detail that taking the time to stop and smell the roses really could lead to a more pleasure-filled life, and therefore decrease the need for you to overeat. Guiliano has great tips for eating for pleasure including taking the time to prepare delicious homemade meals, skipping past the fast food restaurants, eating whole foods (aka nothing from a box or artificial!), drinking more water, and walking more.

Feeling inspired by the French lifestyle and also seeking a sweet dessert, I decided to do as the French do...and whip up some macaroons. I am currently visiting my grandmother's house and when she asked me what dessert we should bake up, I quickly replied with macaroons. The wanderlust for France is real strong, y'all.

I used THIS easy recipe that I found on Pinterest. But I made all kinds of fillings and used whatever was in my grandmother's pantry to do so.

I made vanilla buttercream macaroons...

Chocolate buttercream macaroons...

 and strawberry and orange marmalade macaroons...

They are THE daintiest, lightest, most incredible delights you will ever taste!

Please take a moment and whip these up. You won't be sorry! Especially since you are doing as the French do. and the French don't get fat. :)

I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday!


  1. I love French lifestyle and I scour books and blogs in hope to add just a tad bit of their habits to mine. My aunt is from Cannes and they way she lives is captivating.

    Andrea Fenise

    1. i have heard so much about the film festival in Cannes! sounds like a dream!



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