Cupcakes and Sunshine: Dessert Tasting at the Marriott Marco Island Resort and Spa

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dessert Tasting at the Marriott Marco Island Resort and Spa

Hello, hello!

I'm currently blogging from our balcony overlooking the beach at the Marco Island Marriott Resort and Spa. And let me just tell you...I had one of THE most amazing experiences in my life today at the resort! I had the chance to taste some of the incredible desserts that are handmade at the resort each and everyday. After a couple of hours in the sun this morning, my cousin Sauve' and I met up with the Marriott's Sean Jones and Executive Pastry Chef Todd Champagne and were greeted with a preponderance of decadent desserts. 

I. Was. In. HEAVEN.

Upon first arriving, Chef Todd showed us how he handmakes the liquid nitrogen ice-cream that is served alongside many of the desserts. It was so fun watching him whip up the ice-cream and seeing it freeze right before our eyes!

Afterwords, Chef Todd scooped some of the ice-cream into the first of many desserts we tasted...Brownie Sundae Jars! Quinn's, one of the beachside restaurants on the resort (which we have been to many times already for lunch and dinner! another post on those meals later...), has these sundaes on their daily menu. I definitely would not mind having one of these daily.

Next, we dug into another jar dessert...a s'mores sundae. Chef Todd told us the marshmallows are handmade at the resort. And you could definitely tell! They were soft and perfect in everyway. And then he showed us how to toast the marshmallows with the giant blow, so much fun!

Even though we wanted to eat the ENTIRE s'mores sundae, we knew we had more tasting to come! Next, Chef Todd told us about the beautiful desserts that he creates for banquets, events and weddings. In addition to these fabulous desserts, he says that they create about 40 wedding cakes each month at the Marriott.

This was an incredible passionfruit tart. I just wanted this for breakfast the rest of my stay here. I mean passionfruit is a fruit, right?! and fruit is healthy! The fruit on the side was in the most delicious, dainty almond bowl. It was sweet and crunchy and complimented the fresh fruit perfectly! The textures were fantastic.

Next, we sampled the "Taste of Kurrents" desserts from the resort's fine dining restaurant- Kurrents.

I think the guava sorbet was my favorite of the four "tastes" above! It was SO fruity and refreshing! I wanted to lick that tasting spoon clean! And look how cute the little Crème brûlée is to the right of the guava sorbet.

We got to flambé it...

 Just when I thought things couldn't get any better, out came more desserts!

^^Chef Todd said this was one of his favorite desserts- a chocolate mousse cake on top of a wafer crust. Garnished with a handpainted chocolate piece and a macaroon (!!). At this point, I really wanted someone to pinch me. I was in sugar shock. The most happiest of sugar shocks I've ever been in.

And then came what Chef Todd declared as one of the best selling desserts at the Marco Island Marriott- the Soup and Sandwich! HOW clever is this...

Marscarpone cheese and fresh strawberries "sandwiched" between two slices of grilled angel food cake and served alongside a delicious strawberry "soup." INCREDIBLE. Just incredible!

Chef Todd then showed us around the kitchen and bakery areas. We felt so pampered receiving the behind-the-scenes tour!

He showed us the giant ice-cream machine...

the large oven/stoves in the bakery...

and we met some of the wonderful team members who keep the bakery going!

It was an INCREDIBLE experience that I will never forget! It was so great seeing how passionate Chef Todd was and how dedicated he is to making guests right at home in paradise!

 Thanks so much to Chef Todd and Sean Jones for this wonderful dessert tasting experience at the Marco Island Marriott. We loved every minute of it!

Disclaimer: I was provided a behind-the-scenes tour and tasting of the Marriott, but all views, opinions, and pictures are my own. 


  1. The desserts were absolutely delightful! Thank you for including me on such a "sweet" adventure! I still can't choose my favorite! :)

  2. OMG.. I would have been in heaven myself. I love deserts and would have had a very difficult time choosing my favorite. The mascarpone cream cheese cake looked yummy.

    Andrea Fenise

    1. it was heavenly! i had such a hard time choosing my favorite!



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