Cupcakes and Sunshine: Blueberry Peach Bundles and I HAVE A CONFESSION!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Blueberry Peach Bundles and I HAVE A CONFESSION!!

I did something bad. Very bad. I admit it.

Soooo...on the 4th of July, there were lots of people over. Many, many people. And of course...everyone brought a dish. Most would claim Thanksgiving as the best food holiday of the year. Ummm, no... I'm disagreeing with that one. It's the 4th of July. (hot grilled burgers? fresh watermelon? baked beans? Am I right?! YES YES YES)

ANYWAYS. Back to everyone bringing a dish on the 4th...there were pasta salads galore, fruit platters, baked beans...all the good stuff. This is when I also noted someone walking by with a tray of blueberry crescent bundles. I mean...I was eying and eying these things. Juicy blueberries were pouring out of the edges...the sweet cream cheese center looked perfect....all wrapped up in a golden brown crescent roll.

I was busy when I first saw the bundles and thought...HEY! I'll just come back and grab one a little later!

(This is where things starting going badly...)

I walked around the pool a bit, talked with friends and family, relaxed in the sunshine some. And then... I remembered those blueberry crescent bundles inside!

I walked back inside to grab one to see THAT THEY WERE ALL gone. All of them. I knew that there just HAD to be one somewhere. I mean...there were desserts galore! How in the world had the treat that I wanted the most just disappear!? There were so many other dessert options. It couldn't have been the only plate to be gone already! But they were gone. All of them.

And that's when I saw...a secret stashed blueberry bundle off in the distance!!! Some sweet, hungry onlooker had stored away this little blueberry bundle in--what they thought-- a safe hiding corner. Expecting to come back later, this person had trusted that their plated pastry would have had a chance. They had stored it in a back corner...all safe and sound for future enjoyment.

I quietly stated to my surrounding cousins that I neeeeded and waaaanted that one last blueberry bundle. The one that I knew someone had safely stored away. The one sitting RIGHT there. In the distance. In its safe little corner. My cousins egged me on.."eat it! eat it! no one will know who did it! just DO IT!"

I felt straight guilty.

Because I knew that if that had been my blueberry bundle...I would have been heartbroken if someone had disobeyed the "hidden corner" rule and eaten my dessert!


Someone had wanted this thing so badly that they had stored it in its own special little spot in the kitchen. Away from everything else. On its own little plate. AND I ATE THE DANG BUNDLE. Now, I would consider myself an honest person. But that was one of the best bad decisions I've ever made. The blueberry bundle was perfect in every way. The juicy berries... and that sweet cream cheese center! BUT. I am still feeling quite guilty. And very, very sorry for the sweet somebody who had trusted the "hidden corner" rule so well. And because of this, I'm giving you my Blueberry Peach Bundle recipe today:

Blueberry Peach Bundles:


1 8-count of crescent rolls
4 oz. Philadelphia cream cheese
4 Tbs. Brown Sugar +some for sprinkling
sliced peaches
1/2 cup fresh blueberries

1. Pop open a can of crescent rolls and seal all of the seams.
2. Slice crescent dough into 8 squares.
3. Mix cream cheese and brown sugar and dollop each crescent square with the mixture.
4. Sprinkle blueberries and sliced peaches in the middle of each cream cheese dollop.
5. Pull the corners of each dough square to its middle and pinch together.Sprinkle with brown sugar or course raw sugar (if ya have some on hand)
6. Bake for 12 minutes (or until golden brown) at 350 degrees.

Enjoy! But watch out for those "hidden corner" rule breakers. I'm not sure if you can trust 'em around these things.


  1. This looks and sounds so good! I just started following your blog and just saw this post in my feed, Perfect decision to follow!

    1. thanks so much! I'm still feeling a little guilty, but I think it was the best decision! :)

  2. BAKED BEANS. Definitely my favorite 4th of July food! And you poor thing. There's nothing worse than getting all excited about eating something yummy and then finding out that they're all gone! My mom always eats my leftovers from restaurants and it's a heart breaker hahah ;). Glad you were able to find one and I agree that it's the "best bad decision" haha!

    1. baked beans...JUST CAN NOT GET ENOUGH! I would say these are the best bad decision I've ever made! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! I could eat every single one of those bundles. I love peaches. Definitely remembering and pinning this recipe for future reference :)

    1. they are wonderful! dreaming of them right now!

  4. Oh my goodness, these look amazing!



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