Cupcakes and Sunshine: We've MADE IT TO HAWAII!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Well, hello hello hello!

We have officially made it to Hawaii! One of my bestfriends- Kelsie- has moved to Hawaii for the summer and it has been such a blessing to stay with her and her family for a couple weeks on the island! After a 10 hour flight across the ocean (with lots of movies, plane pretzels, and a little bit of snoozing) we were greeted by Mr. Chris, Kelsie's dad, with Leis (!!!) and hopped in the car to the commissary for groceries.

But of course, before stepping into the store, Mr. Chris told us we HAD to try malasadas from Leonard's food truck right outside. I did not object. Malasadas are fried Portuguese donuts...aka sugarcoated puffs of heavenly amazingness...

Y'all, they were perfect.

Then we headed out for dinner at Sam Choy's and watched the Hawaiian sunset after Mr. Chris gave us a tour of the island.

it is absolutely beautiful here! and we saw our first Hawaiian rainbow as well.

I really love that it rains here for just a few minutes and then clears up to beautiful, sunshiny skies. Mr. Chris is letting us in on all of the Hawaiian lingo so we can pretend that we're locals ;) and it's been great waking up to Hawaiian bird songs each morning (at 5AM...yep, the jet lag is real y'all.) Loving every minute of it. More Hawaiian posts to come!


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