Cupcakes and Sunshine: If we were having coffee right now...

Friday, May 30, 2014

If we were having coffee right now...

...I'd probably tell you that I'm actually having hot cocoa instead and that I used to drink coffee all the time, but now it makes my stomach hurt and that makes me very, very sad. But hey! Cocoa isn't something to complain about. Am I right?!

I'd tell you that I just roadtripped with my roommates to see our other roomie, Kelsie, in Emerald Isle, NC. And it was grand. The beach, the hospitality, the laughs. I loved every single minute. TAKE ME BACK!

I'd tell you I'm still obsessing over my new Erin Condren planner and that I write every.single.thing. in it. And I'd probably ask you when you're free for another coffee date so I can write another date in my planner.

I'd ask you if you've read any good books this summer and say that I'm absolutely LOVING Something Borrowed. I've been laying out at the pool each day and reading a few chapters here and there. And now I want to watch the movie all over again even though I just saw it a couple weeks ago.

I'd tell you that I WANT TO MAKE EVERY. SINGLE. RECIPE. IN MY SALLY'S BAKING ADDICTION COOKBOOK RIGHT NOW. I'm really fighting the urge to not have a 24-hour baking spree. Hold me back, y'all. My wallet can't spend excessively on chocolate chips, flour, and sugar right now.

and I'd tell you I've been running on the tredmill and that my left pinky toe and my right pinky finger become ridiculously numb while running. Is this okay? I'ma that.

Finally, I'd tell you that I have been named godmother of this little nugget...Henry.

 My bestfriend Carly just got him and he is the sweetest goldendoodle puppy. I'm in love. And so excited that I can come over and steal him anytime. (Right, Carls?)

Happy Friday! I enjoyed this little coffee...umm...cocoa date :)


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