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Monday, May 5, 2014

Eats as of Lately

I have been loving all of the "weekly recipes" and "everyday eats" (specifically Mix and Match Mama and The Well Traveled Wife) posts that I've seen around, so I thought I'd start one of my own over here.

Fresh Salads:
Can't. get. enough. of them.
I picked up some butter lettuce at the farmer's market, tossed in some brown rice, feta cheese, avocado, chopped boiled egg, and balsamic vinegar. Pack it up in a little go-container for after class. BEST.SALAD...ever.

Yogurt Snackage: Chobani Flips yogurts.
Can't get enough of these either! I have one for breakfast, with lunch, or for dessert after dinner. My favorite flavor right now is the Key Lime, but I love them all!  I'll start with seven of them all packed away in the fridge and they are all gone in no time.

Of course, I haaaad to sample my truffle s'mores brownies I made a few days ago. These are the bomb.

And then of course I haaaad to make Derby pie for the Kentucky Derby race this past weekend. My bets were on Wicked Strong. I may have lost $10. But that's okay... at least there was pie.

My favorite sandwich/wrap as of lately goes to these Tuna Melts. A little Greek yogurt, a little sour cream, a sprinkle of cheese and pressed in the panini maker. Easy, easy lunch. Make these.

and finally, since today was the last day of classes and I completed my final presentation for my New Media class (on blogging, of course) I haaaaad to make my famous Salted Chocolate Saltine Toffee Bark for my classmates.

this stuff is crack. I'm telling you. You have to make it. Easiest, simplest, most amazing snack EVER.

Hope your Monday is treating you well! I'm off to celebrate now that classes are over! WOOHOO!

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