Cupcakes and Sunshine: April Goals

Saturday, April 5, 2014

April Goals

It's finally spring cleaning time! We have been clearing out clothes for our clothing swap, cleaning our cars, and getting organized. It has felt so fantastic to distress and get rid of excess. Except for the excessive pollen that attempted to interrupt our super car-cleaning-spree with lots of sneezes and eye itching that we can't get rid of. Thank goodness for Zyrtec.

It's time for April goals as well. So far, I've already knocked not one...but TWO items off of my April goals list.

This morning we got up bright and early and headed straight to Athen's farmers market. Because it was opening day, we made sure to get there first before everything sold out.

My market haul included a breakfast bun, a loaf of bread, and some baba ghanoush- a delicious eggplant dip. We also got to try some great juices and granola.

After the market, we took an iced drink break and then headed out to clean our cars.

and then we picked up some frozen yogurt at Racetrac, paint at Home Depot, paper towels at Kroger, and a couple of items at Trader Joe's.

Today, I'm hoping to get outside a bit more. Even though my goal for last month was to run outside, I really want to run outside more this month as well. We ran a 5K last weekend, but it was tough!

The whole Disney Princess half-marathon idea is going to take a bit more training than I thought. But by next year, I think I can be ready. Plus with great friends and Disney magic I think we can make it through. Hope you are having a happy, happy Saturday!

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  1. You have some great goals for April! Cleaning the car is on my list too - I'm going to try to tackle it today!



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