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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bites of Life: Blogging Ain't Easy

Recently, I've been having a tough time blogging. And after reading Courtney's Sweet, Sweet Serendipity post, it HIT ME. Like Courtney, I'm a foodie. A big time foodie. Food is my love language...sort of. You see, growing up I was surrounded by uncles and aunts who loved to cook big meals. We'd gather around the table with mountains of pancakes, sizzling bacon, my Gramma Jo's grits and tomatoes (for all you northerners out there, it's a southern thing), my Uncle Will's breakfast casseroles. And then dinner time would come and we'd have steak and gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, and more. We'd laugh for hours around the table as we'd pass the rolls and mac and cheese, and extra napkins. I have fond memories of my uncles cooking up a big pot of a delicious something-or-other and dancing around the kitchen with wooden spoons on a beach trip.

Cookie baking 1998

Cookie baking with cousins, 

Christmas 2011

and gingerbread house decorating a few years later.

I visit South Carolina to see my Aunt Susu and Uncle Rog often, and there really is nothing like Sunday dinner. My Aunt Susu's chicken and rice is one of my favorites. And Uncle Rog makes some mean Ghirardelli Brownies. My crazy cousins- who are so completely goofy that I can't really repeat any of their conversations without sounding completely loony- have me belly-ache laughing all Sunday dinner long. 

Pancakes with Uncle Rog '99

My Grandma Anne was one of the first to actually teach me how to cook. She bought one of my first cookbooks for me and I remember flipping through the book, picking out a recipe, and we'd cook to our hearts' delight. We cook and bake every single time we are together and the recipes she shares with me I know are also reminiscent of meals she has cooked in the past...whether it was apricot thumbprint cookies  for a bakesale or a dish she brought to a church potluck, I love hearing each and every story she has surrounding each tasty recipe.

Birthday dinner 2011 with Grandma Anne

When visiting my dad, he cooks up huge Italian feasts- the BEST homemade pasta sauce, imported noodles and cheeses (because he's a foodie like that too), and of course...dessert! We both have a raging sweet tooth. and dessert is ALWAYS a must when I see him. Last summer while visiting, he brought home a different treat every evening-  delicious donuts, chocolate covered popcorn from Peterbrook's Chocolatier in Florida, fudgy Moose Tracks ice-cream.

Freshman year of college, my bestfriend Carly and I would spend our Thursday nights hopping around town, searching for sweets and treats as well. I'm not going to tell you how many quarts of gelato or boxes of chocolate we've been through, but I am going to say that freshman year just wouldn't be the same without those days. A couple of months ago, I was sick in bed and Carly knocked on my front door, greeting me with medicine and take-out dinner. She's a true friend indeed.

Freshman year of college at Snelling Dining Commons
Freshman year pancakes at midnight at Snelling Dining Commons

Yesterday, one of my bestfriends -Kelsie- asked me how to make fried chicken and we put our domestic skills to the test in the kitchen. I have never personally made fried chicken on my own, but I've watched enough Paula Deen episodes to be able to know how to do it. And let me tell you, we laughed SO hard the entire time we were dipping the chicken in the breading and tossing it in the hot oil. Definitely a memory I will never forget.

I guess this all leads me to...blogging ain't easy. I say food is my love language...sort of...because food is great and all, but its more like the conversational piece that brings us together. I can't really tell you the hilarious inside jokes that were brought up at brunch yesterday, the crazy insane and completely goofy conversations my cousins have at Sunday night dinners, or the stories and memories that have been passed down. But I can give a glimpse of how these delightful dishes, treats, spoonfuls, tastes, outings, and recipes have brought us closer together.

Highschool eats- Freshman year
Courtney, thanks so much for your insightful post on what it truly means to be a foodie. I think behind every real foodie are hundreds of stories resulting from togetherness and a delectable bite or two. Now that's a bite out of life.


  1. love all these pics! people who love food are the best kind of people :)

    the well-traveled wife ♥

  2. All I can say is that I LOVE this. Food is not just something we enjoy for the taste, but also what so many memories are made from! Coming from a big family of home cooks myself, so many precious moments came from the kitchen or sampling delectable treats that we share with each other. Thanks for reminding me how wonderful food truly is! Great post!

  3. I love this, Haley! :) The pictures & sweet memories made me smile. Psst...I especially love how you can see a Crayola Box sitting near our pans of cookies. Ha, cooking and coloring...these two things make the heart happy! I love you!



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