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Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Banner (#MakeItPinterestingMonday)

Last week was a bit cuhraaazayyy. I had a bad reaction to some medicine and had to miss my marketing test. Ladies and gentlemen, just a little side note...whatever you do, do not miss tests in college. It is a big no-no. I walked into my professor's office at 12:15, which was the time she had scheduled for me to retake the test today. After I said a cheerful "hello!" , she continued to keep typing away on her computer and didn't even look up or say words. At this point, I was thinking...what the hey-hey? Do I just walk out of the room? and turn around? or stand outside the door? (I'm naturally awkward anyways so this whole waiting thing really really just complicated things) After a few more awkward moments of silence and rummaging in my bag for my doctor's note for missing class (AKA my lifeline security ticket/pass to take this test) she finally looked up and said, "Put all of your things down in this office and follow me to take your test." 

Y'all, I was scared. She was scary. And I will never ever miss a test again. Lesson learned: even if I am on my death bed, I will not not not miss a test. But I'm pretty sure I ROCKED that test OH YEAH. and after I completed it, the rest of my day just went wonderfully.

I had dinner at Dolce Vita with my bestfriend Carly after classes. We always get the gnocchi. and they bring out the most delightful homemade bread. And then, I worked on today's #MakeItPinterestingMonday project!
Remember a few days ago when I pinned a few of my favorite Valentine's Day ideas? I decided to make a quick Valentine's banner that would look great anywhere. I saw this one on Pinterest, and wanted to make one that was a bit easier and a bit less pricey. 

A few weeks ago, I purchased a pack of Valentine's Day paper from Target from their dollar section guessed it...$1!!

and then I cut the paper into little triangles...

and then hung the banner with yarn!

(yes, that's the yarn from the scarf I knit a couple Mondays ago. I'll have to do an update on that little project!)

Ta-Da! instant Valentine banner! 

This project was super easy and super fun.

The perfect project to end this day.

Here's to #MakeItPinterestingMondays and snow days. Stay safe and warm!

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  1. Ahhhh, I remember scary professors. I definitely don't miss 'em! That banner is adorable and hooray for snow days!!



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