Cupcakes and Sunshine: Valentine Favorites!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine Favorites!

Happy weekend! I have spent this weekend studying, working, and of course...baking. I made these banana bread muffin tops from Oh She Glows. You guys, these are wonderful. I love love love them. and have made them three times now. (thanks Aunt Susu and Uncle Rog for the food processor. I've used it countless times!) 

I also went to the gym, work, grocery shopping, and have done a little cleaning. I watched the Olympics (how great were those opening ceremonies!? other than the small Olympic ring happenstance),  and the Kardashians on Netflix (my tv guilty pleasure...terrible, I know!) It's been a very productive weekend.

This evening, I've been relaxing and looking at lots of fun Valentine's Day ideas.
Valentine's Day is less than a week away. And it is one of my favorite holidays. (actually, all holidays are my favorite, but it is my favorite holiday this month. teehee!)

from Little Beans Boutique

As you know, donuts are my favorite...

and what a coincidence that Little Beans Boutique used my name on its donut Valentine packaging.(they must know about my leeeetle donut obsession)

I love these sparkly deer as a Valentine tablescape:
and those perfectly pink lollipops. So sweet!

 These conversation heart balloons from StudioDIY are so festive:
Go check out the StudiDIY site. It is so, so much fun! 

How precious are these dainty, pink marshmallows
 They would be the perfect sweet treat for the 14th. (in addition to donuts)

and treat-wise, let's talk about this cake
I'd probably pluck all of the conversation hearts off before eating the cake (I personally think they taste a bit chalky.) But I think this cake is absolutely adorable. 

And finally, this banner would be the perfect Valentine's Day touch to any room or party:
 So much love and so many hearts and lots of pink and red. 
I've been dotting my i's this month with hearts. 

Do you have any special Valentine's Day plans, traditions, or treats? 

I hope your Saturday is going great, sweet friends!

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  1. Your blog is adorable! For valentines day, regardless of if I'm single or in a relationship, I love eating chocolate :) lol. This year, I'm single and will be purchasing said chocolate myself!



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