Cupcakes and Sunshine: #MakeitPinterestingMonday : Homemade Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Monday, February 24, 2014

#MakeitPinterestingMonday : Homemade Baked Sweet Potato Chips

As you know, we're doing a little challenge called the Seven Experiment which you can read about HERE. But as part of this experiment, we have chosen only seven foods that we can eat for the whole month. Sweet potatoes are one of my seven and they just so happen to be super versatile. (AMEN to potato versatility. I don't think I can look at mozzarella cheese again. Well, maybe tomorrow. But not today.) 

So recipes have been just a leeeetle tough to come up with for #MakeitPinterestingMonday posts, but I've got a good one that involves these versatile root vegetables.

Baked sweet potato chips are probably one of the easiest things out there. And if you have a food processor that slices potatoes, then get ready to dance around your kitchen while singing into your fork/spoon/spatula microphone. 

Simply slice your sweet potatoes really thin. (or let the food processor do all the work) Then place them in a plastic bag, add a little EVOO and salt and pepper. Zip that bag and shake it like a Polaroid picture. Keep on shaking. Shake it a little more. Now lay your slices out on a pan, and bake for 15-18 minutes at 325 degrees. Easy peasy. 

Now, if you aren't doing the Seven Experiment, and you want even more to dance about, look at these blogger's sweet potato recipes I found on Pinterest...

Source: Cooking for Keeps

Source: Homemade Levity
 I may have to try both of these after our 1st month of Seven is finished. But for now, my super simple 3 ingredient sweet potatoes are rocking. So I think you should give those a try as well. 

Happy Monday! 

How did you #MakeitPinteresting? 

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  1. Yummmmm! I'm obsessed with sweet potatoes right now. I haven't been using my Pinterest recipes lately, but you've inspired me to get on it!

    1. Pinterest has some great ones out there! That's for sure! SO many recipes, so little time! Haha! :)



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