Cupcakes and Sunshine: Day One: The Seven Experiment #MakeitPinteresting Monday

Monday, February 17, 2014

Day One: The Seven Experiment #MakeitPinteresting Monday

This is a different #MakeitPinterestingMonday post. But one that I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT I COULD NOT SLEEP LAST NIGHT. Really. And I did find links for this experiment on Pinterest so it counts as a #MakeitPinterestingMonday post.

This semester has been such a blessing because I have hardly had to purchase any school books. I think the total cost of my school books this semester came to around $30. And average course book totals for students usually are around $500!!! (Source: Big, huge savings. Since I had a little extra money saved up from not purchasing school books, I made Amazon purchases instead. And received all of these goodies on my front door.

 I read Captivating a few weeks ago, but had the chance to start Seven: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker this week when we were snowed in. YOU GUYS. This book is so fabulous. It is so, so wonderful. Jen reveals 7 main excesses we have in our lives (Clothes, Shopping, Waste, Food, Possessions, Media, and Stress) and works 7 months to concentrate on and eliminate these excesses. Jen stated that Seven is "an exercise in simplicity with one goal: to create space for God’s kingdom to break through." SO eye opening. I'm so ready for it. And I so need it. Let the reductions begin!

The first month, the focus is on food. You can choose only seven foods to eat for the entire first month. And today, a group of friends and I are beginning this adventure. I.Can.Not.Wait. We have all chosen our seven food items that we are going to each eat. I know it is going to push me and pull me. You guys know I LOVE food. I love restaurants. I love sauces. I love spices. I love ingredients. I love...chocolate. And didn't even choose it as one of my seven items because it is nutrient deficient. (DANG IT) We are living in such a commercial society. And everything we do revolves around excess. It really is wild, distracting. During this month, I'm really going to be praying for a clear mind. And to keep my eyes focused on God. Instead of material excesses, I pray that God will show me how I can help those in need. Hundreds of thousands of people are so grateful for the one meal of rice and beans they receive each day. And here I am... stressing over the hundreds of yogurt options and candy bar choices and cereal selections at Publix. How is this right? Obviously, there is a problem.

While the author was writing the book, she was in the process of adopting two Ethiopian children into her family. Her three children at home decided they weren't going to eat their nuggets because they were lacking ketchup. She said her heart hurt for her hungry children in Ethiopia, and also for her own children  "who will battle American complacency and overindulgence for the rest of their lives." WOW. wow. She said she didn't know who she felt worse for.

For the next month, I have chosen for my 7 items to be...
1. Chicken
2. Cheese
3. Bread
4. Sweet Potatoes
5. Apples
6. Peanutbutter
7. Tomato Sauce

Currently, I have hundreds of ingredients sitting in my cabinets. (I really do have a problem) I have at least 8 selections of flours. 12 different chocolate brands in my baking cupboard. 4 different types of spreads (Peanutbutter, Almondbutter, Nutella, Cookie Butter...the good stuff ya know?). I like to have ingredients on hand just in case I want to bake up something that catches my fancy on-the-fly.  Excessive is probably an understatement for the amount of food I have.  and excited is an understatement for how much I'm looking forward to kicking this excessive habit to the curb.

Food is just the beginning of this excess experiment. I am so ready to grow and see where God leads us during these next seven months. I am so thankful for such a wonderfully supportive group of girls to be doing this with. Would you care to join us? Please check out the book and comment below if you are joining in!



  1. This is amazing; I am so proud of you and excited to see where this goes! You're stronger than me ;)

    1. thanks so much. so far it hasn't been too bad. I have had some moments where I'm intensely craving pop tarts, but I've pushed through.

  2. This sounds like an awesome challenge! I am definitely going to have to check out this book!
    I also noticed Kisses from Katie in your picture! Have you read that yet?? It's absolutely one of the most inspiring books I've read, in fact I blogged about her story the other day.

  3. Sorry one more comment I just notice Bread and Wine is also in that picture. I just finished reading that a few weeks ago. Also a very good book if you haven't read it yet! (: Sorry for the double comment I just love books! haha

    1. I love books as well and can't wait to begin reading Bread and Wine. I'll have to start it as soon as I finish Seven.



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