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Monday, January 27, 2014

Things Got Really Pinteresting.

Well, I know you are probably expecting a really, really nifty Make It Pinteresting Monday post like the previous ones here and here BUT...I do not have one for you today. Actually, I have a very pinteresting Pinterest fail. In my fashion merchandising textiles class, we are working on a group project where we have to create an item to market and sell. Our group thought it would be a great idea to sell and market an "Arm Knitting" boxed kit since I had heard about arm-knit scarves on Pinterest. We watched this video here:

and decided it would be a great boxed kit to present to the class. I mean...look how cute that scarf is! And how crafty! In 30 minutes? It sounded too good to be true! After a couple of hours of trying to make it work, I am still befuddled. I can't seem to make my scarf look anything like the one in the picture. And now all I have is two knotted "skeins" of yarn. (after reading lots of other "arm knitting" tutorials, I learned that a skein is a roll of yarn. So yes, I have gotten something out of this Pinterest project.) 

and then Ryan completely assuaged my worries.

and now I'm going to buy more yarn and start over. 
Because Ryan says it's okay. 

Sometimes Pinterest fails can really mess with your mind. BUT I HAVE CONFIDENCE THAT I CAN MAKE THIS SCARF WORK OUT. (and that I can get a rocking grade on this textiles project) All projects can't go seamlessly all of the time. and I'm knot going to give up! (Yes I just used two knitting puns in one sentence. Just go with it. It's Monday.)

I'm going to keep working on the scarf and I'll let you know how it goes.
Until then, I'm LOLing at these Pinterest fails: 

and feeling a bit better that I'm not the only one. 
Happy Monday :)

and congrats to Taryn! The winner of the PB&J giveaway!

Question of the day:
Have you ever had a Pinterest fail?
Are you crafting any projects for Make it Pinteresting Monday?

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