Cupcakes and Sunshine: Winter Traveling!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter Traveling!

Well, hello friends! 

I have been MIA lately due to a week of finals, traveling, and a lack of internet access. But this break has been much needed and so wonderful so far! I have been spending lots of time watching Christmas movies, browsing Sam's Club and BJ's Wholesale (LOVE those.), impatiently waiting for my grades to show online (crossing my fingers for those A's!), and some window shopping in Jacksonville, Florida these past couple of days. I also made some simple chocolate Cake Pops for my cousins and dad who live here. I received a brand new set of tires on my car for Christmas (!!!) and I am currently blogging from Toyota as my car, Pearl, gets a little tune-up. 

I woke up this morning with full intentions of heading over to Sweet Theory bakery in Jacksonville before heading to Toyota. Let me tell you...this is THE best bakery I have ever been to. And I've been to many bakeries. So this is a big deal for me to say it is my favorite. Take my word for it. The only problem: it is closed on Mondays. And guess who decided to drive all the way to pick up a few tasty treats on this Monday morning? Me! I was so disappointed to see that it was closed, but I am definitely heading back later this week. 


This past summer, I visited Sweet Theory bakery with my cousin, Anna-Marie. Their donuts are my absolute favorite. They are huge, warm, freshly baked. And they have so many wonderful flavors. We shared one maple bacon donut and one strawberry-iced. 

There are no words for how delicious they are. A little birdie told me that they have a seasonal Nog Donut right now. And gingerbread bars. And other sweet things. Their sea-salt brownie bites are heavenly. Their whoopie pies are delightful. I had a Sunbutter Elvis cupcake on one of my trips to Sweet Theory that was out. of. this. world. They have lots of vegan and gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions and every single treat is homemade with all natural ingredients. Only the best. I will be having dreams of Sweet Theory baked goods tonight and until I can get back there later on this week!

I am hoping my car will be back in shape in a couple of minutes, but for now I'm enjoying the free Wifi and Christmas music in the Toyota waiting room. 

Hope your Monday has been very merry!


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