Cupcakes and Sunshine: Pioneer in the kitchen!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pioneer in the kitchen!

The Pioneer Woman is one of my favorite, favorite bloggers and Food Network stars. You know how they say that you gave a good Christmas present when you want to keep it yourself!? This Christmas, I gifted my Grandma Anne two of the Pioneer Woman's cookbooks. And boy, oh boy was it hard not to keep them for myself! ;) But the good news about gifting my Grandma cookbooks means that we can bake together out of the books when I am at her house. I'm usually not a selfish present-gifter. But I had this whole baking-together-out-of-the-cookbooks-thing in mind the whole time. Hehe!

Since I have heard SO so much about the Pioneer Woman's rolls- cinnamon rolls, caramel rolls, dinner rolls, pumpkin rolls- I knew that it would be the first recipe we had to try! We whipped together her Orange Rolls in her "Food From My Frontier" book.

It was my first recipe using yeast. And you know how they say practice makes perfect? Well yes, I'm going to knead (haha. pun intended) a little practice in the recipes-with-yeast area. You see, the rolls were supposed to turn out looking like cinnamon rolls. You know? With that perfect swirl of flavor in between each piece of dough? Yeah. They turned out nothing like that. My dough was a bit soft and a bit too sticky. So I ended up making orange rolls that resembled dinner rolls instead of cinnamon rolls.

BUT HEY. They tasted fantastic. And the beautiful, fragrant orange scent that wafted throughout the house? Yum. I was so proud of these rolls (even though they did not look perfect) that I gave some to my good friends from highschool- the Thrash's- who I visited after baking the rolls. They were so sweet and indescribably wonderful. The Pioneer Woman calls them "a miracle." Yep, that would just about some it up. It was so nice to heat one up and to enjoy it with a cup of ice-cold milk while watching Christmas specials.

And since I am on a Pioneer Woman kick, I also HAD to bake up her Rum Cake bundt on Christmas Eve. My Aunt Susu and I had been talking about making a Rum Cake since before Thanksgiving. And we felt that Santa would have liked a nice break from cookies & would have enjoyed a slice while he was busy doing his gift delivery thing.

So Rum Cake it was! This is seriously one of the easiest cakes I have ever made. And one of the most delicious. Santa was lucky it made it through Christmas Eve. Because I kept going back for more and more. I hope you have had a very Merry Christmas! I can't wait to update you with all of our Christmas fun :) 


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