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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Let's Give it a Shot? Taqueria Tsunami Review

Remember in my previous post when I said this week has been quite eventful? I was not joking. My friend Carly was visiting me at my grandparents house in Marietta this past week and we decided to drive around and explore the city a bit. While showing Carly where I went to highschool, my previous neighborhood, and my favorite hangouts, we decided we were hungry for lunch. We had first decided to head to the Melting Pot and just have chocolate fondue for lunch, (this is quite typical of us...) but upon finding out that the Melting Pot didn't open until later in the evening, we chose to get a savory lunch instead. 

We decided to stop in downtown Marietta for lunch, but while driving there, we do believe we were shot at. Yes...with gunfire. We were just chatting away when BOOM! A loud gunshot seemed to come out of a car beside us that was quickly turning left while all of the other cars in the area came to a quick halt. It was frightening. At first I said, "Were we just shot at!?!?!" Carly quickly calmed me down since I was the one driving and I still had to continue to our lunch destination. It's always good to have a bestfriend to calm you down in hectic situations. (Thanks, Carly!)

Carly spotted a parking spot right next to Taqueria Tsunami in downtown Marietta and I whipped a quick U-turn and we made our way to the "Latin-Asian Kitchen." My heart was still beating a bit quickly after our little scare, but the wonderful customer service at Taqueria Tsunami calmed my nerves. We had about a 15-minute wait, and I gave the hostesses my number so that they could text me when our table was ready. We browsed the menu while we waited and were even asked if we would like drinks while we were waiting. 

Now, let's talk about this menu for a second. Every item on the menu is a Latin-Asian fusion of wonderfulness. I wanted to try absolutely everything. Their appetizers: creamy Cilantro hummus, hot fried avocado egg rolls, steamed salted edamame, melty cheese queso dip. Oh gosh. So good. And their many choices! Thank goodness for their wonderful Taco Trio special which allows you to pick two different tacos and a side. 

I ended up ordering the Asada Zing taco with "Bulgogi (Korean) marinated steak topped with shitake mushrooms, lettuce and soy-sesame vinaigrette" and the Rising Sun Taco with "Vietnamese style pork topped with Asian slaw and cilantro." Carly ordered the Taco Trio special as well and was pleased with her grilled teriyaki and pineapple Aloha taco and her Thai Chicken taco with peanut sauce. 
I love that with certain marked menu items, Taqueria Tsunami donates money to Tsunami relief efforts. What a wonderful cause! You can learn more about their relief efforts here. 

We decided to share our two sides: Chips with Salsa and Jalapeno Queso Tots. 

Lets just talk about these tots for a second as well. Hot crispy tater tots to dip in cheesy jalapeno queso dip!? Perfection, perfection! I could eat these all. day. long. 

Today I am grateful for good friends, to be alive, and for Taqueria Tsunami. I don't know what in the world happened before we arrived to this wonderful restaurant, but I was so happy that my voracious appetite was assuaged with some wonderful cheesy tots and tacos.

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