Cupcakes and Sunshine: Christmas Festivities and Such

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Festivities and Such

So you remember those goofy glasses we received on Christmas Eve? And the amount of rum cake that had been devoured? I really couldn't see how Christmas day could get better. But Santa did not disappoint. And there were many more festivities to be had. 

Christmas day started with the stockings. (my favorite)

followed by some Christmas snack-making in the kitchen...

 in our matching pj's (it's tradition!)....

Hugs and giggles with Baby Rylan:

and Santa Paws did not forget the pups!

The girl's got coats and jewelry and kitchen appliances...

and the boys got guns and hatchets and remote airplanes and remote cars (that go 60+mph!)

and of course, Cousin Rylan got lots of fun goodies as well...

It was such a great day with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. And so great to be a kid again. Santa spoiled us for sure. And my stomach is still sore from all of the laughs and good times.


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