Cupcakes and Sunshine: Happy Dancing on this Friday

Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Dancing on this Friday

Oh boy! Oh boy! It is finally Thanksgiving break and I am happy dancing about it. 

Care to happy dance with me? 
 I'm happy dancing because one entire holiday week means lots of recipes to make and taste, (Yes, cookies!)
lots of crafts to craft, (Christmas is pretty much here!) 
and lots of blog posts to come. (Have I said cookies and crafts?)

I'm happy dancing because yes I bought my sweet car, Pearl, an early Christmas present: reindeer antlers and a big red nose.  Holly jolly, holly jolly. 


And I'm happy dancing because this past week, I met with an amazing wedding photographer (and blog reader) -Lamar Gee- for a few lessons on using my camera. Before these lessons, the only thing I knew how to do with my camera was press the button and hope for the best. Lamar offered to teach my good friend, Hayley,  and I some camera skills after classes one day. So we met up at Ike and Jane's in Athens. I learned a lot about IOS, shutter speed, lighting, and settings. I still need to practice, practice. I can't wait to one day write a blog post about camera techniques, but I definitely need to practice what I know for now. Thanks so much Lamar for taking time out of your week to teach us so much! I can't wait to take lots of pictures this upcoming week.

I'm happy dancing because tomorrow I will be headed to SC to see family and spend a lot of time together. We love Christmas so much, and we will most likely spend breaks between turkey and pie and those delicious mashed potatoes watching Christmas movies and decorating. *happy dancing*

And of course, it wouldn't be Friday without a few of my featured Friday favorites!

First off, this wonderful wedding video. I cried big, happy alligator tears after watching this one:


So, so sweet!

And this motivational video has my heart as well. I think I may need to start watching this every Monday for a little inspiration: 

"Here is a surprise corndog I bought you because you're my friend!" My favorite line. And now I used this line on an everyday basis.

It is time to get crafty this season and so I got a little help for this Friday Favorite at my favorite crafty site: A Beautiful Mess.

these would be the perfect gift to give! Maybe fill them with a little cocoa, lots of Hershey kisses, and a peppermint stick?

I also love this idea for a washing machine and dryer. Although I do not currently have a washer and dryer, I can't wait to get them so I can polkadot and stripe them.A Beautiful Mess blog has done it again! 

I love this Christmas verse print: 

I would like to paint it on a giant canvas to hang for Christmas time.

Vanilla Bean Noel lotion is finally back at Bath and Body Works! I want to run and get some right now. I love it so, so much.

And of course, this wouldn't be a Friday favorites post without cookies. 
Cue more happy dancing. 

I have been wanting to make these from Averie Cooks for so long.They look so soft and melt-in-your mouth delicious! I would love to toss in some chocolate chips. 

Aha! These look like the most perfect chocolate chunk cookies I have ever seen. For my birthday, my aunt and uncle sent me honey from the Savannah Bee Company, so these are also on my to-make list. 

And finally, these little gems are from Iowa Girl Eats. I remember making these peanutbutter thumbprint cookies with my grandmother using a tube of store-bought peanutbutter cookie dough. These use Cookie Butter. And I do have a slight obsession with all things Cookie Butter.

And that concludes today's Friday favorites! Tonight I plan on testing a new cookie bar recipe, so that should be coming at you soon. Safe travels and happy happy-dancing this weekend!

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