Cupcakes and Sunshine: Breaking Boundaries and Becoming a Sponge

Friday, November 15, 2013

Breaking Boundaries and Becoming a Sponge

This has definitely been one of my busiest weeks by far! and I have loved every second of it. This past month, I have discovered that I thrive on busyness. With three class project presentations, an ADPR Connection event, a Political Science test, work, and meet-ups with friends in between- my agenda has been packed. But the connections that have formed with the new people I meet at events, in my classes, and at CRU have inspired me to love more and to experience more.

When I first started college, I dreaded talking to people. It was horrible! I loved to talk, but in my first few months of school, it seemed like such an effort to make conversation with those around me. I began joining different clubs including PRSSA at UGA, the ADPR Connection Decoration's committee, and Creative Consultants, where I have been able to meet many different students who are so passionate about their futures. I also became a part of CRU ministry at UGA, where I have  Since then, I have become passionate about talking to others and learning from those I meet.

ADPR Connection is a huge event held for Advertising and PR students at the University of Georgia each year. With over 500 students and 70 professionals from top agencies and corporations in Georgia, it is an event not to miss. I was blessed with the opportunity to be on the decorations committee for the event this past week. From picking up local businesses' food donations, setting up the luncheon, organizing the Grand Hall, and ensuring that workshops ran on schedule, I was able to learn so much from working with a wonderful team. The event itself was so enlightening! I learned boundless information from the experienced leaders who gave advice about the professional world. And most of all, I came out of the event feeling so inspired

My freshman year of college was a tough one. I now know that I was not stretching my creative capabilities to their maximum, nor was I taking advantage of the opportunities to connect with those around me. I spent more time sitting in my dorm room and stressing about tests than actually doing and learning. I have heard so many people say that the enjoyment you have in college comes from finding your "niche." And although it sounds cheesy, it is so true! 

Finding what you love and what inspires you is so important. If you like painting, dancing, singing, reading, writing, do what makes you happy! And find a way to incorporate that into your career, free time, and everyday life. 

I love change. I love organizing events. I love planning. I love crafting. I love seeing what a difference I can make and motivating myself to do the best I can do. I love accomplishing tasks that I thought were impossible. And seeing that they can be done is so thrilling and fulfilling.

Once you find what you love to do, push yourself to go even further! Love more. Learn more. Experience more. At ADPR Connection, a lot of professionals spoke about "Becoming a Sponge." Soak it in! There is so much out there in this big ol' world that has yet to be discovered and so many things that you can learn about yourself and others. Become a sponge. Accomplish what you thought was impossible. 

ADPR Connection's main theme this year was "Breaking Boundaries." And I can testify that since breaking boundaries, joining clubs and ministries that enable me to surround myself with passionate people, and pushing myself to become a sponge...I have grown so much. 

Sometimes we have to let those walls come down, forget about stress, surround ourselves with passionate people, experience more, and just soak it all in! Break those boundaries and become a sponge.  :) 


  1. this is a great post! i love change and being busy too...some people are different, but it works for me! XOXO

    the well-traveled wife

  2. Awww. Yay for becoming a sponge! Looks like your having a blast.

    New follower here, super cute blog, will definitely be back to visit! Have a fabulous weekend ❤

    Feel free to stop by my bloggy world at:

  3. Looks like you are thriving! Fun photos. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at



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