Cupcakes and Sunshine: Baking up a Storm

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Baking up a Storm

The good thing about the holidays is unlimited cocoa (with marshmallows!) and warm, fuzzy socks.There really is nothing like hot chocolate on these cold, holiday days. Or cocoa and a Polar Bear Bar.
Today has been so, so chilly. I am still sitting in my pjs. And I don't plan on changing into real clothes anytime soon. There were freeze warnings and ice storms in all of the north South Carolina area this morning and I squealed a little when there were snowflakes snowflurries falling outside. Too wet to stick, but they made me so happy.

After lounging around and relaxing, we decided that it was the perfect weather to bake some pies. Each year, our church has a Pie-Drive where you bring your baked pies for families in need. It has now become a little tradition and I look forward to it each year! This year, we baked four pumpkin pies.

After whipping up the pies, we knew it was time for a warm lunch. Rainy, (&snowflurry!) chilly days call for cornbread and chili.

I have been wanting to make recipes from my Magnolia Bakery cookbook ever since I visited the bakery in New York City a couple of summers ago and have been flipping through my book to decide which recipes to make for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Everynight in New York City, we would walk down to the Magnolia Bakery and pick up treats like their sweet Pistachio cupcakes, signature Red Velvet cupcakes, and their Magic Cookie bars (my favorite!). 

The cookbook is one of my favorite things and I look forward to baking and trying every recipe. 

I can't wait to write down the day I enjoy the recipes in my cookbook, along with who I enjoyed them with, so that I can make somewhat of a cookbook scrapbook. I think it will be so much fun to look back on which days I made each recipe and the memories that were made on that day.

It has been so nice to bake up a storm on this icy day. I'm looking forward to curling up with another cup of cocoa and doing it all again tomorrow. I hope your Holiday week is going well! What are you baking up?

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  1. I love your idea of writing down when you made a recipe and who you enjoyed it with! I might have to start a cookbook scrapbook of my own :)



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