Cupcakes and Sunshine: The Most Perfect Weekend in a Nutshell.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Most Perfect Weekend in a Nutshell.

Well, in a nutshell...this was the most perfect weekend. 

I could barely stand my excitement Friday (and could barely make it through classes) knowing that I would be heading to the John Mayer concert that evening at Aaron's Amphiteatre in Atlanta, Georgia. 

We dressed up and were headed out!

Oooh, was he magical. 
And when he played Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, I was about to fall out of my seat. 
Of course, he ended his performance in Why Georgia, Why
And we were wondering... Why John Mayer, Whymustyouleaveus.

I met up with some good friends from high school at the concert and it was so lovely seeing them again. :) (Hey Torey!) 

And by the end of the concert, I was absolutely exhausted but in deep infatuation. I fell asleep in the car as we listened to John Mayer on the way back home. 

Today, was a lovely day of cleaning and shopping and burger eating. I love lazy Sundays where I can relax and take care of things that need to be done. (Like vacuuming and laundry and cleaning the car. You know, the good stuff).  

I picked up THE most exciting of finds at Trader Joe's. 

Yes, these are Pumpkin bagels! I promise you guys I really, really try to limit my impulse buys at Trader Joe's. I'm telling you...that place is dangerous. 

We met up with our small group at a new burger place in Athens called Grindhouse Killer Burgers. They feature delicious (inexpensive, YAY!) burgers, a relaxed vintage-modern atmosphere, and milkshakes to boot. 

I ordered the Blue Cheese turkey burger and it was all things wonderful. I am looking forward to going back.

I'm headed out to bake something delicious to end this most perfect weekend.
How was your weekend? 

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  1. John Mayer is one of the best entertainers that I've seen live!



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