Cupcakes and Sunshine: the new daily grind

Thursday, August 15, 2013

the new daily grind

Whoah. Holy guac. 
These past few days have been absolutely wild and packed and busy. 
But I have loved every single minute of it. 

I moved into my first place, started school, started work, and I am trying to get back to the daily grind of college life.

I have been organizing my apartment, and trying to make it more home-y. It is in definite need of a "Welcome" mat and a lovely shade of paint right now. It came furnished, but needs some TLC and hugs. lots of hugs.

But it is a work in progress and it makes me smile everytime I walk through the door. 
The first few nights, I couldn't sleep because I was too excited about waking up in my own apartment.

I broke in the first weekend at the apartment by making some delicious cinnamon swirl coffee cake before church on Sunday for Carly and I. And then I may have made some brownies too. I used THIS recipe. And it is so amazing. Remind me never to make them again because I can. not. stop. eating. them. (currently running in the kitchen to grab another.)

Because I have been so busy, I have made sure to prepare smoothies every night for my morning breakfasts. It is so convenient to whirl up the blender when everything is already in place. 
At night, I will place yogurt/silken tofu + cocoa powder + spoonful peanutbutter + handful of spinach and soy/almond milk. Then in the morning, I will add a frozen banana and turn the blender on. I love being able to sip on my smoothie as I'm walking out the door. 

Another favorite combo of mine is tofu + frozen cherries and berries + banana + spinach + milk and a wee little squirt of honey. So good. 

After classes, I like to grab a quick snack before I begin studying. This week's snack of choice has been purple grapes thanks to Publix's good deals.

I feel so blessed for this new place and the wonderful friends I am able to see each and every day. I can not wait to see what this year has in store! 
Now it's time for a little quiet time and R&R before another big day tomorrow. 
Have a wonderful evening.


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