Cupcakes and Sunshine: Mind Blown.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Mind Blown.

Hello, hi!

Is anyone else's mind blown that it is already August? I mean, this summer has just flown by! And I can not believe I will be back in Athens in five days... and that school will be starting back in eleven. I am so excited to get back into the Athen's lifestyle, beebop around Athens finest eateries, and start life in my first apartment.

Sanford Stadium Freshman Year

It is definitely going to be a big change from last year. Let's just say...dorm life wasn't really for me. I'm not typically a complainer, but 40 girls to one bathroom is just not my cup of tea.

But this year, I have my own room and my own bathroom. And it will be so lovely to call my apartment home. I can't wait to show you my apartment craft and decor ideas. And I have many frugal living tips coming your way! I am also looking forward to the fact that Trader Joe's will be within close proximity of my living quarters. This is a big, big deal. And I'm ecstatic about it.

Last year, we didn't have much of a chance to try different Athen's restaurants because the Freshman meal plan satisfied all of our eating needs. And we were too frugal to spend money out when the meal plan was already paid for. There are so many local restaurants in Athens and I can't wait to try them all! I am so excited to bake and cook in the next coming months, and to document all our delicious food tours on this little blog.

Milkshake Slurpin' last year at Clocked Diner in Athens

Today was a get-her-done kinda day. I woke up, had a leftover blueberry muffin dropped some books off at the library, headed to the post office, and then picked up a few things at Ingles. I also grabbed a bag of banana chips and apricots out of Ingle's bulk bins. They were the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. I have been on such a dried fruit kick lately. 

And then I may or may not have made a Target run. I have been obsessing over Rifle Paper Co.'s notebooks and journals and a little birdie told me that Target carries some of the line. I justified my spending with the fact that they are a school necessity. 

Are they not the cutest?! 

Lovely packaging, tied up in strings...these are a few of my favorite things....

And then I may or may not have made the most spectacular brownies in the world! I'm telling you the gooey, chocolaty delicious factor on these things is ridiculous. Don't worry, I will put the recipe on the blog very soon. They are the best I have ever had!

I have cousins, uncles, and grandparents coming to town this evening because we have a funfilled day of White Water Rafting tomorrow! I can not believe it. I am so nervous we may die excited I can barely stand it.

I'm off to have another brownie! Happy "ICANNOTBELIEVEITSAUGUST" (:


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