Cupcakes and Sunshine: Mama's Boy and the Breakfast Club

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mama's Boy and the Breakfast Club

Hello, hello! How is everyone doing? This weekend was so relaxing and a breath of fresh air. I am SO excited that fall is upon us. The breezy fall winds are starting to bluster in. I can feel it. 

Friday started out with a trip to the Goodwill where my good friend Carly and I found some unusual goodies. I ended up making it out with a flower vase to display for Sunday morning's Breakfast Club breakfast before church. I really wanted the novelty dinosaur cups with pop-up dinosaurs, but decided to stick to my list and just grab the vase. And Carly made away with a mini pancake pan. How cute is it? So cute! 

We decided to take it easy Friday night and went to bed early because Saturday morning we had BIG plans. Mama's Boy is a famous breakfast/brunch/lunch restaurant in Athens. The atmosphere is small and quaint, but definitely home-y. The waiters are so friendly and drinks are served in Mason jars. And oh boy, oh boy! The food did not dissappoint. They have a variety of fluffy biscuit flavors, breakfast specials (um, hello Georgia peach french toast!!), coffee drinks, and...get this... chocolate cake for breakfast. Yes, you heard me correctly. For breakfast, you can order a beautiful slice of chocolate cake with a side of fresh fruit. Don't mind if I do. 

I ended up ordering the most delicious egg and cheese biscuit and smothered it with the delicious raspberry preserves that they had on the table.

Of course when walking out, you must grab a Mama's Boy sticker and a "thought of the day" from the baskets near the cash register. 

I can not wait back to head back to Mama's Boy to try everything on the menu.   

Sunday morning, we had our first Breakfast Club before church breakfast. I whipped up some delicious banana bread muffins using this recipe, homemade baked vanilla donuts using this recipe, and crockpot cheese and sausage casserole using this recipe. I prepped everything the night before so the meal came together speedy quick. And the crockpot casserole cooked over night. So easy! I also picked up some beautiful flowers at Trader Joe's because they make me oh so happy. 

This weekend was wonderful and I'm looking forward to the week ahead as it is time to kick start this semester.

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