Cupcakes and Sunshine: Starting at the Beginning

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Starting at the Beginning

     You know those projects? The big projects? That are really, really hard to begin? Sometimes they feel too overwhelming. Like the thought of constructing an exact replica model of the 9 planets (my mind is currently screeching at the thought. It's a good thing I decided to drop my Astrology class and take Weather and Climate instead).... or just a hefty load of laundry that you have to separate, wash, dry, fold, and then place in the proper determined drawers (Actually, laundry is one of my favorite things to do. But the thought of getting it done can be quite overwhelming).
     Sometimes you want to make the projects so perfect that your fear of failure prevents you from beginning. Last year, I had an English Portfolio due as part of my final presentation grade. I wanted to make that portfolio so stinkin' perfect. My grade was dependent on it! After I actually put my pen on the paper ( fingers on the keyboard), I was able to complete so much! I knocked that project out of the way in no time! But my thoughts of failure consumed me so much, that I didn't start until the night before. Yes, the dreaded art of procrastination. 

The reason I haven't yet baked fresh croissants from scratch? The reason I haven't yet started that load of laundry? And finally, the reason I have been putting off my first official blog post?

 I have been wanting to start this blog for years. And I have been praying for the purpose and direction of my blog. And I knew if I could get some words on paper, (or words on the computer) that I would be able to start this project. I have been procrastinating my first blogpost due to fear of failure. What if my blog isn't how I want it to be? What if it isn't encouraging and exciting? What if I reveal too little or too much? Well now, we sure wouldn't be where we are now with those fears, right?

Welcome to Cupcakes and Sunshine! 
Here is a place we can knock out the what ifs, eat a few cupcakes, and discuss our lives over tea and cookies. 

I love snacking, baking, traveling. 
New restaurants, old bookstores. 
Frugal ideas, Pinterest projects. 
Pretty paper. Pretty packaging.
Cupcakes and Sunshine.

I am so happy you stopped by! 
Feel free to leave a comment, send a message, or follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.
I'd love to get to know you! :)


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